Health covers late pay to doctors

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The health authorities fully followed the unpaid three-week arrears and the reimbursement of the six-year medical resident premium protesting because they had not received their salary confirmed Dr. Karen Arteaga. However, the member of the Executive Assembly of the National Assembly of Embedded Doctors explained that some cases had not yet been resolved because the case had begun too late. He assured that the active work stoppage in dozens of hospitals where only urgent cases were dealt with, as well as critical patients starting on April 11, had already been lifted.

According to their information, two hospitals in Aguascalientes, one in Baja California and two in Veracruz, where payments were expected, already received the money. The health authorities yesterday set the deadline for the settlement of the debt. He noted that resident medical representatives met with the authorities of the Ministry of Health on Wednesday to create working groups on the right legal framework for doctors.

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According to Dr. Eva García Armendariz will not stop the resident doctors’ fight there because they will make the necessary legal changes to improve their working conditions in the country. He added that this problem was not limited to resident physicians, but also to those who have already completed their studies, who spent one year in hospital and have not yet completed another year of social service, receive a salary of 2,000 pesos a fortnight. Sometimes in remote and poorly equipped places.

Last Monday, medical residents of 82 hospitals in more than 24 states in the Republic began working actively because of wage problems without neglecting patients in severe medical conditions, emergencies, and critical areas. This after the government did not respond to the non-payment of their wages for three weeks and the 3,000 pesos bonus they receive every six months.


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