In Short, I tried to play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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Recently I received the very nice press kit from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so I started directly to discover this new game and this new license (PS4). After downloading more than 40 GB (so I played 2 days after haha) I launched a few games. As often with this style of play (Battle Royale), the principle is simple: you must be the last survivor of the game. You are parachuted (with 99 other players) in a huge map. You have to find equipment at the same time, not find yourself or survive by eliminating your opponents. But that’s not all, you must above all stay in an area called here “Blue Zone”, an area that shrinks as the game, an area in which you must stay to survive and win the game.

The principle is extremely simple, it is not very original (it’s the same principle for all Battle Royale style games, like Fortnite for example) but it is so effective! This is not the first Battle Royale I play, I’m clearly not the biggest fan but I’m not against this style of play and gameplay. Here, with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, I was a little more excited than usual for a simple reason: it’s a world that I like more, a more realistic universe, closer to a good old war game. So I was ready to spend a few hours on the game and try to finish TOP 1 … But, but, but … it’s a disaster for several reasons:

Graphically it’s catastrophic, there are no other words. Nothing is beautiful, it’s full of visual bugs. I clearly had the impression of playing a game PS2 at times (the effect of water, for example, it is shameful).

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The gameplay is imprecise and for an FPS game it is very problematic

I had the impression of having a problem of orientation/sound. Can not tell who’s shooting at us

First difficult hours … and I clearly do not have the courage to continue!

The disappointment is great. I do not understand that a game available in 2018 can be so ugly. I know, I’m hard, but sometimes you have to be. I have rarely seen a game like this in recent years. It’s a shame because this game could clearly be successful, it was (rightly so) on Xbox One and PC. But her arrival on PS4 she seems to be a flop … Too bad!


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