Learn How to Grow New Neurons into Your Brain

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We always knew that age and certain habits such as alcohol consumption, poor diet or stroke to the head can kill brain neurons, so much so that neurologist Gustavo Castro said it means a loss of functions and even mental abilities that are g`enerally considered normal.

But everything doesn’t mean death and destruction in the human skull because new neurons are born in adults, a phenomenon that Castro described as neurogenesis.

Training that follows

According to José Esteban García, clinical neurophysiologist, it has long been established that the human brain is an organ that develops only in the early stages of life and that when it reaches adulthood, it delays its changes and residues statically. The only changes considered possible in the nervous system are related to cell loss.

But this lack of rigor, the specialist said, showed that the brain is still formed when childhood is over, and it was found that in an area called hippocampus (near the cavity where the fluid lodge cerebrospinal fluid spinal) is born neurons that can be displayed at any time. Also this, a little more mature, can migrate to other parts of the brain, “something that for many, remains inexplicable,” Garcia said.

According to Castro, there is a neurogenesis which, due to its microscopic and insensitive nature, is a very difficult phenomenon to study, and more in a living brain. “Although this process occurs in adults, we still don’t know exactly what causes it or what it serves precisely,” Castro said.

In response, Garcia said that this cell birth has a very important role in so-called brain plasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt to new experiences and evolve over time.

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Actual physician in rehabilitation Olga Lucia Estrada ensures that in the process of recovering function after brain injury, it is believed that these new neurons allow the rehabilitation process.

Rodrigo Córdoba psychiatrist known for his part that these new neurons in the hippocampus apparently improve the ability to associate past and present and offer people the opportunity to better adapt to a new environment, according to previous situations.

In other words, says Córdoba, past experiences allow to play a predictive role for the future for which the hippocampus plays a very important role. “It’s like having reminders that new neurons are resumed resumed for today’s life,” says the psychiatrist.

Infinite combinations

In the field of rehabilitation, Estrada says, the brain’s plasticity provides endless combinations of the signals transmitted, where new neurons compensate virtually those who died, allowing the individual to recover functions as if adapting to new conditions .

But Garcia also emphasized that born neurons are not only used to treat new experiences because, apparently, they also affect the changes that an organization can experience in real time.

We saw, for example, that some situations may favor the birth of neurons, such as regular exercise and exposure to challenging environments on the cognitive and behavioral targets of specific goals, factors that should be recognized as friendly and in practice. All people and all ages.

Castro concludes that in this context it has also been found that stress, sedentary life and sleep deprivation stop the appearance of new neurons.

Does the Adult Brain Really Grow New Neurons?

Up to 90 years

A study released this week in Natural Medicine confirmed that the creation of new neurons is maintained for up to 90 years, much more in a specialized region called dentate gyrus.

These results, Castro said, opened a window of hope for people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and also allowing specific prognoses and developing techniques to delay or prevent diseases affecting millions of people in the world.

How to “produce” new neurons

Sleep well Sleep in sufficient amount (not less than seven hours a day) requires the elimination of fatigue and emotional tension, elements that favor.


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