These are the 5 sausages that have fewer calories

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The obvious relationship between overconsumption of sausage and cancer
A sausage is a group of foods very consumed in Spain. They are made with meat, but also with other animal products such as fat or blood. Salt and different spices are added to this raw material. Then they are placed in a sheath that can be made with the guts of an animal or can be synthetic. From this step, the sausage product can be cooked, dried or smoked. They are considered processed meat and, therefore, their habitual consumption is not recommended.

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In October 2015, the World Health Organization issued a warning. The consumption of processed meats was associated with a higher incidence of cases of colorectal cancers. In fact, this organism introduced sausages in Group 1 of carcinogenic for humans, along with tobacco and alcohol. The WHO emphasizes that it does not mean that it is as dangerous as these. What it really means is that the relationship between cancer and the excessive consumption of sausages has very strong and contrasting evidence.

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The supranational organization said that the abuse of processed meat left 34,000 deaths per year. What is clear is that the likelihood of suffering from cancer of this type increases when the consumption of this type of food increases daily, so that occasional consumption is not harmful. The chance of developing colorectal cancer increased by 18% when a 50-gram serving was taken daily. That is, the amount associated with about three or four slices of ham, approximately.


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