What are the advantages and disadvantages of online video games

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The advantage that is least known online games is the ability to learn new languages. Indeed, these platforms often bring together players from around the world. Even though most online games are focused on English, it’s easy to confront people who speak other languages. There is no need to spend astronomical sums to buy the latest generation consoles. Almost all games are available online, so players get their money’s worth, even if some games are paying.

Finally, one of the most palpable benefits for online games is money. Of course, the vast majority of games have policies to protect players so they do not spend everything in virtual transactions. This is how on World War craft Day only $ 1 billion is traded for virtual items. However, this protection is valid that if the gaming platform complies with the regulations in force, you must be careful. If the player is not certain that the virtual transaction is authorized, it would be prudent not to make any move to exchange a virtual object. Being an amateur of video games, but also of readings and cinemas, I would give for the video games:


Intellectual Stimulation: A lot of video games can be compared to crazy games. This develops the player’s ability to concentrate, observe and analyze.

Coordination: the most complex actions in numbers of games require precise control sequences, and thus coordinate different gestures on the hands and fingers.

Frustration: Like all activities involving a success / failure concept, video games help children learn the frustration of failure and perseverance to succeed.

Team Spirit: More and more games include content that cannot be unlocked or finished alone.


Chronophage: All games are very long to finish, and the game sequences follow very easily. So it can be difficult for a player to stop if nothing requires it.

Addictive: Recent scientific studies have shown that video games do not have an addictive effect like drugs. However, it is true that on people “A Risks”, video games can have a similar effect: a person dissatisfied with his real life can find an illusion of accomplishment in a video game, and prefer this virtual life to the detriment of his real life.

Violence: Video games, such as movies and novels have target audiences, and therefore video games intended for an adult audience are discouraged to a young audience. This is the PEGI indication on the pockets. A PEGI 16 game is not recommended for a player under 16 years old. It’s silly, but it’s part of the role of parents to make sure their children do not play games with inappropriate content.

Nervousness: Many games impose on players more or less fast rhythms, which can be stressful for players in the long run. This is often why it is advisable to avoid sequences of games too long.

Here! I did 4 of each, focusing on the important points. It is therefore a hobby like any other with its good and bad sides. One can practice it like any other, sparingly and a little common sense.


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